Thursday 12/8/2011

31 years ago, one of the true greats was killed.  RIP John Lennon.

AP STYLE QUIZ: Ashley stayed home because she had a temperature.

ROY PETER CLARK TIP 14. Get the name of the dog.

Dig for the concrete and specific, details that appeal to the senses.  (This comes from the old cliche  “Dog bites man is not news.  Man bites dog–that’s news.  If you write that story–get the name of the dog.  In anything, be specific.  Don’t say C.E. crashed his car.  Say C.E. crashed his silver 2007 PT Cruiser.  Don’t write about the girl’s shoes. Write about her White-trimmed, tan Sperry Topsiders.

WIN MONEY BY TWEETING: there’s a 1st Amendment Tweeting contest next Thursday, Dec. 15.  Details are here.  Ke’sha’s doing it.  Brad Paisley’s doing it.  C.E.’s doing it.  You should too.



AP STYLE ANSWER:  “Ashley stayed home because she had a fever.”  Everybody has a temperature.



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